About the Club

A club at Leicester to promote cultural activities originated from Bengal and adjacent states.

spy where for mobile Leicester Probashi was established in 1992 to promote cultural activities originated in West Bengal, Bangladesh and the adjacent states (such as Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa, Assam and in certain aspects Nepal). People originating from these areas of Indian subcontinent receive the activities of the Leicester Probashi very positively. Our cultural activites are well attended by the members and non members. In several occasions we have organised workshops and cultural activities embracing other cultures with traditional Bengali culture. Thus, we consider our activities are not only a demonstration of Bengali culture but also a very effective way of promoting cultural interaction between different sections of the society. Our activities are well documented in many international websites and that encouraged many people to attend our activities from the different parts of the U.K.

Our activities are diversified and generally take the form of dance, vocal and instrumental music, drama and visual arts. We organise workshops, which promotes Bengali cultural activities within the local community and that also encourages younger generations to join our activities. This also provides an opporunity for the younger generation to perform for the public.

We have well planned programmes for each year. Starting with SHARAD UTSAV (Durga Puja, five-day cultural activities) we have the following other cultural programmes: (i) Bijoya Sammilani; (ii) Basanta Panchami; (iii) Paila Baishakh; (iv) Rabindra Jayanti. Thus, in a year we arrange nine cultural activities where all communities are welcomed. In addition, we organise workshops every year, which lead to public performances.